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rose quartz

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Rose Quartz: The Pink Rose Hued Gemstone that is truly adorable

In its crystal form, Rose Quartz are being called Pink Quartz it is because it is thought to be caused by trace amounts of phosphate. The term Quartz on its name is derived from the German word “quarz” and its Middle High ancestor which is also a German, "twarc". Rose Quartz is usually found and gathered in countries such as Madagascar, India and Germany. Nowadays, these Rose Quartz can now be found and collected in Brazil. They are now the top supplier of Rose Quartz in this industry. This stone is mostly used as an ornamental stone.

Another fun fact about this variety of gemstone is that this one is treated and acknowledged as the stone of love or “Love Stone”

Rose Quartz’s Properties

Rose Quartz is the variation of the Quartz family and it displays such untouchable and unmatched pink color. Most of the Rose Quartz obtains colors pale pink to rose or sometimes red. The hue of this gemstone also matters to what elements they are consisted of. Rose Quartz are naturally formed through the factors of titanium, iron, or manganese. Rose Quartz can also have the tendency to be rare because naturally quartz crystallizes into a well-formed and refined crystals. It is among the hardest gemstone with it being a variety of Quartz. In addition to this, Rose Quartz are normally being sell with their cabochon cut design.

The adore worthy healing powers of Rose Quartz

People truly love and adore gemstones not only for their given beauty but also for the benefit they can get from it. Here are the lists of Rose Quartz healing powers:

  • It is highly related to being the stone of forgiveness
  • It also helps balance its wearer’s emotional state
  • It promotes unconditional love
  • It also presents all type of love including: self-love, family love, platonic, and romantic
  • It also helps its owner gain a great self confidence

All these healing traits just proves how loving and happy to have this Rose Quartz are.

Our Rose Quartz will also prove our clients how loving are we when it comes to deliver them some quality kind of Rose Quartz. We offer Rose Quartz in different designs and cuts. All these pink hued Quartz can also be customized. We have everything a client needs when it comes to Rose Quartz and also for other kind of gemstones and jewelry.