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Moissanite: The Diamond’s Great Rival

The first Moissanite dropped from the Earth directly from the galaxy of stars in the form of a meteor. Thanks to meteor because it is not for them then we would not be able to witness the shining shimmering splendid Moissanite.

Moissanite was first seen by the French scientist named Henri Moissan back in the year 1893. Moissan earned the Nobel Prize in Chemistry later after the discovery of the stone. Moissan examined the meteor where he found some microscopic particles of the gem and that is the reason his name is commonly known in Arizona. Moissan actually thought that what he had just found was a Diamond. It was then discredited as a Diamond the time it was determined to be composed of silicon carbide.

Moissanite beats Diamonds when it comes to source as Moissanite are only lab created and is a great and an economical way of having quality kinds gemstone as it is not needed of any forms of mining anymore.

Moissanite’s Properties

Moissanite naturally came into our world by the help of meteor but because of its rarity, lab created Moissanite are also existing. Nowadays, most Moissanites that are being sold are man made and synthetic. Moissan was successful of creating and synthesizing Moissanites. Moissanite is one of today’s world’s most scintillating gemstone.

Moissanite is schemed to provide the impression of similarity to diamonds, visually Moissanite is highly dissimilar with Diamonds but they make a great rivalry together.

In terms of durability, synthetic it may have been, but this gemstone would make a great every day wear with a Mohs scale of hardness that reaches 9.25 millimeters

Moissanites are often colorless but the larger the size is the easier it is to determine its hidden colors.

The Noble Lists of Moissanite’s Healing Properties

Moissanite is also a kind of gemstone that would never let anyone down with its properties:

  • It can propel a great connection within a person’s crown chakra
  • Associated greatly with the physical disorders
  • It can help its owner alleviate stress
  • It can inspire one’s artistic and diplomatic skills
  • For everyone who is having headaches on their everyday life can use the power of this stone

A great rival and a great substitute for Diamonds, Moissanite is enough to start a spark in everyone’s lives. These dazzling gemstones is very well known for its appearance and it deserves all of its recognition. Avail quality Moissanites now straight from us in a surely fascinating factory price.