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Malachite: The Giver of Hope

Malachite is a sought-after semiprecious gemstone which owns a light and dark green which is covered with dark green stripes.

Malachite can be mined in places like:

  • Zaire
  • USSR
  • Germany
  • France
  • Chile
  • Australia
  • Arizona
  • New Mexico

Extensive for being used as an ornamental stone and also as a gemstone best to design for jewellery.

This absolute green had obtained its name from the Greek term “mallow”, which a green plant/herb.

A ceramic ware was once imitated Malachite in a popular design. Malachite on their tumble stone shape is among the gemstone that is sold very well in rock stores worldwide.

Malachite’s Properties

The banded light and dark green stripes like are what makes it different and totally awesome. This bands also makes the gemstone to be easily remembered and recognized in the market.

Malachite can be found in a variety that best combines with outstanding specimens. It can be merged with other minerals such as azurite, cuprite and even chrysocolla. Despite having a Mohs scale of hardness that only reaches 3.5 to 4 millimeters it is still highly demanded and adorned.

Because of its durability, there is always an idea to turn freshly mined Malachite gemstones into pieces of figurines and carvings.

Malachite belongs to the classification of Carbonate in the mineral section. It plays a vital role for being the ore of copper.

Although very common in the market, crystalline forms or raw materials of Malachite are very hard to find and it is just recent that most gemstone collectors can now sell numbers of them

Malachite’s Unbreakable Healing Properties

Malachite is full of healing powers that will forever be beneficial more especially for those who are born in the month of April and May.

  • It can supply power to its owner
  • It has the capability to protect
  • The skill to promote peace and love
  • A gemstone to have when a person is planning to start a business (it is also applicable for all the business minded people who have already started their business)
  • It is the answer for all the hopeless folks out there

Many have fallen in love with Malachite’s natural beauty but few are caught to the pits of a “False Malachite”. There are few shops that offers the said stone and buyers and gemstone lovers should be aware of that. In here, they can guarantee that every piece of our Malachite is genuine and most of them are gathered from the places where they produce second to none kinds of Malachite. Avail now for a surely fascinating factory price.