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Lapis Lazuli: The Intense Royal Blue

Who would not be captivated by the deep and intense royal blue shade of Lapis Lazuli? To be honest this gemstone is so hard to resist its blue is so rich that it can capture hearts. The hue of this gemstone just made it a winner in the class of semiprecious stones. Besides the blue hue it shows it also glistens golden flecks that reminds of a night sky full of dazzling and sparkling stars.

Historians had estimated that Lapis Lazuli had been existing for almost 6500 years. For those years, it had been endeared and treasured by the early civilizations of Greece, Rome, China, Egypt and Mesopotamia.

Back in the day Lapis Lazuli are not only just for jewelleries but it has also been used in ancient graves. In addition to this, it was made into different ornaments and usable objects such as  bowls, figures, hair combs, and dagger handles, nowadays Lapis Lazuli are still being made into such items.

These beautiful and astounding stones had been also made into beauty and medical products. Lapis Lazuli was traditionally grounded to use as an eye shadow and medicinal elixirs. Michelangelo, used ground Lapis Lazuli to make an ultramarine colored pigment for most of his illustration during the period of Renaissance.

Lapis Lazuli’s Properties

It is considered a rock, not a mineral. It compounds different minerals that are mostly lazurite, but also contains calcite (white), sodalite (blue) and pyrite (fools' gold, a metallic yellow) and to be considered a mineral it would have only one element.

Lapis Lazuli with patches of calcite present onto it will lower the value of the stone. Lapis Lazuli with a pinch of purple is not as valuable as a pure royal blue one.

The Lists of Lapis Lazuli’s Healing Skills

Lapis Lazuli is a great gift of nature and God that we should always appreciate. Here are some of Lapis Lazuli’s healing powers:

  • One of the goals of this gemstone is to enlighten one’s self and heal his soul.
  • It has the skill to help everyone with an insomnia
  • It is known to relieve pain, and people of Egypt from the early days had grounded these gemstones for them to swallow as they believe that it can ease their pain
  • Lapis Lazuli is here to boost a person’s immune system as well
  • Lapis encourages dignity in friendship and social ability

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