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Labradorite: A Lambent Gemstone Worthy of Seeing

Essentially a surprising mineral, Labradorite manifests the stimulating exhibition of assorted colors that are triggered because of the interior cleavage that the gemstone obtains.

Labradorite got its name from the Labrador Coast where it was first witnessed. It that can be located in the eastern part of Canada. Natives of Labrador are very devoted of this stone’s power and they gave it the nickname “firestone”. Other major production of Labradorite can also occur in places such as:

  • Greenland
  • Finland
  • Russia
  • Italy
  • Madagascar
  • Scandinavia
  • Mexico
  • USA

Labradorite nowadays are mainly used for silver jewellery.

Labradorite’s Properties

Labradorite can execute a number of tones that are provoked due to the fractures of the stone has. It shows a light back and forth giving the view that the stone is playing with the set of hues that it accommodates. This reaction can be called Labradorescence.

Due to its property that can refract light most of the people from the Labrador Coast have fallen in love with this stone and adorned it ever since.

 Labradorite’ Healing Skills

Many believes that Labradorite is a gemstone that is filled with true magic. Here are the lists of its skills in healing

  • Labradorite sustains the emotional turbulence
  • It can also cure numerous kinds of ailments
  • It is said to be the one to help on lung related problems such as bronchitis and colds
  • It is a very good stone for digestion
  • A comforting gemstone for women during menstruation
  • Increases one’s spiritual mind as well
  • The liveliness aura and charm of Labradorite makes a person to become more of a out-going persona
  • It can also heal and balance all the chakra

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