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Kunzite: The Keen and Resplendent Pink Gem

Named after the famous gemologist George Frederick Kunz, is this pretty in pink Kunzite. This gemologist was the first to discover this gemstone. It is also one of the newcomers in the beautiful world of gemstone industry. It is full of joy and wonder and makes an awesome addition to a peron’s gemstones collection. This stone is often called the Woman’s Stone. Kunzite with much shade are much highly favored for women. The charm of this gemstone truly does some magic to a woman’s appearance.

San Diego in California is one of the main sources of this picture perfect Kunzite. Besides California, Kunzite can also be found in Afghanistan, Brazil and Madagascar.

Kunzite is among the most attractive pink gemstones, but is infamous for its habit of color fading in prolonged exposure to strong light.

Kunzite’s Properties

This gemstone is very well known for being the variety of the mineral spodumene. Spodumene is one of the most common minerals in the world. The color of this gemstone all depends on the amount of manganese inside of the gemstone. Kunzite are going through processes in order to achieve the color. Kunzite comes in a light pink to violet purple. Kunzite also comes in great varieties

  • Blue Kunzite
  • Yellow Kunzite

Moving on, this beauteous gemstone owns a Mohs scale of hardness that ranges 6.5 to 7.5.

The Well-Formed Lists of Kunzite’s Healing Properties

Kunzite despite being new to this industry also contains healing powers that can do magic in a person’s life. Here are the lists of its healing properties:

  • It is very helpful for women in their reproductive system
  • It can also help women with menstrual problems
  • It can also do wonders for all the people who suffers in skin diseases
  • It can also have the power to take care of epilepsy, neuralgia and joint pain
  • Kunzite can also help its wearer to move on from depression
  • For mentally disturbed people, it is very recommendable for them to use Kunzite
  • It also helps its wearer move on from tragic past and memories

From the looks of it, Kunzite is not only a promising gemstone for its beauty but also for its beneficial help that no one should ever miss!

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