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Jade: The Dazzling and Beyond Jaw Dropping Stone

Jade is the kind of gemstone that is heavily favored and requested in China. Chinese people ranked Jade above all types of rare gemstones and metals. It is naturally green in color, and its name Jade is used to refer two different stones called Jadeite and Nephrite. Not until the year 1863 came by, the difference between the said stones was finally identified.

The most common type of Jade is Nephrite. Jade owns a value that cannot be easily assessed as well. Commonly, to check whether a Jade is real or not, it is often hit with a hammer as the latter will bounce back if it is genuine. Jade is considered to be antique as it is now existing for over a million of years ago.

As we mentioned earlier, Jade seems to be the favorite stone of the Chinese people. It was the most revered gemstone by them and they truly worshipped Jade and considered it to be a symbol that represents five virtues and here are those:

  • Compassion
  • Wisdom
  • Justice
  • Courage
  •  Modesty

These symbols that represents all these traits are carved into Jades in China. Besides these traits being carved into beautiful pieces of Jades, people also design Jade with other kinds of styles including the likes of dragons, landscapes, horses and jewellery. With all that said, it can be considered that Jade is one of the ornamental gemstones out there

Jade’s Properties

Jade was first classified to as two kinds, the first one being the Nephrite, a form of actinolite and the the second being the jadeite, and it is a pyroxene. Jade usually comes in a beautiful green hue, but that is not the only color this thing of beauty can be seen with as it also shows up with other colors as well.

The Astonishing Lists of Jade’s Unquestionable Healing Powers

Jade sure is fabulous and second to none, but it also has outstanding healing powers Each color of Jade comes with great responsibilities as each obtains various kinds of healing powers as well and here are the lists:

  • Jade is considered to obtain curative elements
  • It is known to strengthen vital body organs such as heart, kidneys, immune system and nervous system
  • Jade is wonderful in protecting children from all kinds of harm and illness
  • The green hued ones can calm the mind and promotes peace and harmony
  • Blue Jade has the power to help its owner to deal with emotional issues
  • The black and lustrous Jade on the other hand can strengthen one’s mind
  • White Jade are the ones responsible for relaxing the mind and improving the owner’s critical thinking skills
  • Lavender Jade are heavily connected when it comes to promoting creativity
  • Brown ones improves adaptability
  • Orange and Pink Jades help in developing skepticism about health
  • And red is the one to help its wearer to relieve from stress and tension
  • Jade is the gemstone to promote unconditional love

Undoubtedly, Jade is filled with beneficial help that will be truly helpful to all those who needs it.

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