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Howlite: The Great Imitator

Perhaps the best known gemstone popular for its ability to imitate gemstones. Howlite is a kind of alluring gemstone that can lure anyone once it dyed.  It can mimic the look of semiprecious stone such as Turquoise and Coral.  Howlite makes a very economical replacement for all the expensive gemstones that it can copy the look of.

Henry How is the first founder of this magnetic gemstone. How is a Canadian chemist, mineralogist and geologist. A group of miners have encountered it back in the year 1868 and How’s attention had been caught by this newcomer.

Henry named the gemstone “silico-boro-calcite”. It was then later changed to a shorter name by an American geologist and mineralogist himself, James Dwight Dana. Dana named it after the first founder’s surname, How.

 Howlite’s Properties

A borate mineral found in sedimentary rock. As a source, Howlite is normally gathered in irregular formed nodules that has a similar look to a cauliflower. Howlite in its crystal form is very rare.

Howlite obtains a marble like display with patterned gray, black, brown veins surrounding the stone. There are however versions of Howlite that just appear in its plain white look.

Howlite is a porous stone, a description for a stone who has the ability to absorb dye very well. This characteristic help Howlite to be known as a great semiprecious stone to copy other stones.

Be careful because there are sellers who offers “fake” gemstones in the form of Howlite and put a price in a more expensive way. There are multiple ways to recognize a dyed howlite. Howlite that are pretended to be another gemstone are too much perfect, always remember that natural and genuine gemstones come with a natural color variation.

Howlite’s Healing Prowess

Here are the healing lists of How’s discovery of gemstone:

  • Howlites are a lovely stone for its soothing energy
  • It can help a person ease the tension of stress and it can also help them to calm typical fits such as bad temper and anger
  • It will add another bar on a person level of patience
  • Recommendable for all those who are anxious as well
  • A very beneficial stone that can translate well with a person’s crown chakra

Howlite is something that still merits appreciation for what they can do rather than what most people refer them to as. Get a piece of two of Howlite directly from us for just a very exciting wholesale price.