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Hematite: The Gemstone that is Full of Consistency

Made from the elements, iron oxide, Hematite is a very habitual mineral.  This awesome yet fragile gemstone is still deserving of all the love despite being not durable enough.

The name Hematite was translated from the Greek term haimatites for blood.

Miners can draw Hematite from this list of places:

  • Brazil (Rainbow Hematite)
  • Australia
  • England
  • Mexico
  • United States
  • Canada

Hematite’s Properties

Hematite, the marvelous and incredible mineral that is made from iron oxide. Hematite appears in colors such as

  • Steel Gray
  • Brown
  • Brown to Reddish Brown
  • Red

Hematite comes with a variation named Rainbow Hematite shows colors very alike to oil blemishes on water. The drusy formation of rainbow hematite is fairly brittle and for it to become durable enough a quartz is needed to backed it up to increase hardness.

Hematite comes in different shapes that can be easily distinguish but regardless of that, Hematite still comes with a rusty- red streak. Although fragile, Hematite can be considered harder than a pure iron.

It is a very common mineral that it does not only appear on our planet but also it emerges on the planet Mars. Hematite gemstones are the ones accountable for the alluring red hue of the planet as well. The Hematite gemstones on Mars was first recognized by the use of Thermal Emission Spectrometer

The Pure Lists of Hematite’s Property of Healing

Here are some of the important natural and authentic powers of this gemstone:

  • Ancient people believed that Hematite were formed because of the wounded and injured soldier’s blood
  • Ancient tombs placed objects that are made from Hematite
  • A healing and grounding stone
  • Has the power to increase the strength of the body and it can also decrease life’s stresses.
  • Can reduce a person’s stress level and can empower one’s personal magnetism

Hematite not as strong as it may be, it would definitely be able to build a powerful bond between itself and its owner. Lay hold of a piece of Hematite now directly from us and be first to see all of our shapely collections of Hematite gemstones.