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Chrysoprase: The Unquestionable Gemstone

The star signs for Gemini, Chrysoprase is here to shine like a star.

It is considered to be the rarest and most unique kind of Chalcedony. Chrysoprase are uncovered in places like

  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Ural Mountains
  • US

Let’s have a throwback and discuss about the uses of Chrysoprase back in most early culture.

Because of its magnificent green shade that is also semi - opaque, many of the early institution got tempted and turned Chrysoprase into pieces of lovesome and decorative ornaments. Egyptian are known for their devotion and love for jewellery and Chrysoprase are one of the gemstones that was used in the process.

Apparently, Chrysoprase comes with an almost similar presence of an Imperial Jadeite people often mistaken them.

Chrysoprase’s Properties

A scintillating apple green colored member of the Chalcedony. Chalcedony is of a quartz variety hence Chrysoprase is also part of the aforementioned group of minerals. Green gemstones similar to Emerald and many others often depend on the level of Chromium and Vanadium present to the stone. Despite that fact, Chrysoprase is a green hued gemstone that does not rely on chromium and vanadium but rather on the nickel content.

On the talks of durability, it comes and rise with a ranking of 7 on the Mohs scale.

The Without a Doubt Amazing List of Chrysoprase’s Powers

Every gemstone is always convoyed with a handful of powers that would sure make a beneficial item for their owners, and here are Chrysoprase’s:

  • Chrysoprase is a very gentle stone
  • Chrysoprase is known how to soothe and tranquilize its owner
  • It is a very friendly gemstone and would most likely improve a person’s level of friendship traits
  • Chrysoprase can be a gemstone that prevents depression
  • Chrysoprase can ascend a person’s grace higher
  • It can also increase fertility.

Chrysoprase is one of the unusual green gemstones that our eyes can see on the market but does not make it a very bad gemstone, in fact this is a stone from nature that we should always capitalize on. Semipreciousking.com have made to avail kinds of Chrysoprase that differs mostly on tones of color, cuts, designs and shapes. Feel relax and free to browse all our gemstones here and make sure to avail a Chrysoprase directly from us.