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Chalcedony: The Gemstone that Emanates Great Love

Chalcedony is that pale toned brilliant that looks super peaceful and relaxing to the bare eyes. It was first discovered in the Greek port city of Chalcedon on the province of Bosporus where this gemstone’s name was taken. Chalcedony also owns another moniker which is the “milk stone”. Ancient people said that it has the preparedness to aid moms produce and nourish their newborn with milk This alluring semiprecious stone is usually used in jewelry in their respective cabochon cut design.

Back in the old age, people used to carve on the same gemstone with motifs of the air, water gods and goddesses, and also as water sprites. With that being told, it was definitely perfect for carving and jewelry especially with its smoothness.

Chalcedony’s Properties

A Quartz variety in microcrystalline form is this pale grey to blue hued Chalcedony. This gemstone has been widely popular for it being amazing and eye catching in its cabochon scheme. Chalcedony also occurs in different kind of colors as well. It can be discovered in combination of tantalizing hues like white to light-blue and grayish blue.

Lists of Chalcedony Healing Powers That Might Be Beneficial

Chalcedony is may calm as it may be but this gemstone has a lot in store for everyone about its healing powers. The corresponding lists are its traits of healing:

  • It balances its wearer emotional balances
  • It offers vitality
  • It is perfect for athletes and all the activist and lively personas as it can provide great stamina, endurance and energy
  • It promotes generosity, liveliness, and kindness
  • It helps its wearer to gain more true friends and strengthens the bond within friendships
  • It eliminates unnecessary self-doubt
  • Considered the speaker’s stone since it helps the speaker to measure his/her word

All these facts just proved how awesome a Chalcedony can be both for presence and for life. And we here at our store loves for our customers to avail Chalcedony of many kinds directly from us.  They can guarantee that all our items have gone through all the needed process for us to assure the quality of each one. Every single one of these Chalcedony are filled with greatness and promise. Come and purchase a piece for a very lovesome cost.