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Carnelian: The Lavishly Appointed Orange

Carnelian's primary use is in jewellery designing and ornamental stone. Carnelians are commonly glassy and translucent that is why it is mostly cut into cabochon.

Carnelian’s title was derived from the word cornelian from the fourteenth century. Rolling behind to the early days of Egypt, Carnelians are worn by master architects to showcase their rank of builder. Alchemist from the middle age had used of Carnelian as a boiling gem for them to extract the energy of the other kinds of Chalcedony. From the day it looks like it has been featured heavily by most of the early men. We cannot blame them as Carnelian’s beauty is out of this world.

The stone of extreme powerhouse of motivation and endurance, with that being said it would make a perfect gemstone for anybody who feels drained.

Carnelian and its Properties

This orange colored semiprecious stone is appraised to be a variety of Chalcedony. Chalcedony is a mineral of the Quartz family that is colored by impurities of iron oxide. It has a variety of colors that appears in pale- pinkish orange to a deep rusty brown. While it has a few other colors, the orange and red-orange variety are still those that are popular and are in demand.

The Grandiose List of its Healing Abilities

Carnelian gemstone is enough to stun, but if we add its healing traits it could be one powerful stone. The following lists is what should the July babies take note:

  • Back in the days of middle age wars, warriors used to wear Carnelian on their necks, it is because they believed in its power to provide courage and the physical strength to face their enemies
  • It is popular for motivating a person in times of need
  • In the early days there was a plague that was stopped miraculously by Carnelians
  • A great talisman of success, perfect for all the business minded people out there
  • Considered to be a singer stone, this gem stimulates a power that transcends into its owner and it will allow him to perform confidently

Truly favorable and easy to be loved, that is what Carnelian does best!

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