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black star diopside

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Black Star Diopside: The Full Of Glam Black Gem With A Pure Positivity


Known as the Black Star of India, here comes the glamorous Black Star Diopside. This has the classic look that will fill anyone with its fabulousness. The black color of this gemstone and the star like ray helps it become more classic and makes it look luxurious. This just proves that even gemstone’s with black color can create such magic. As previously said, it has a star like ray, and this is because it emerges with a mystifying white four-pointed star that flickers opposed to a black sky. The presence of this formidably beautiful gem is simply intriguing. Its name was derived from Greek words “di” and “opsis” which means two vision. It’s moniker Black Star of India made it obvious that this particular kind of gemstone were discovered back from India. These gemstones are particularly cut in a magnetic and easy to the eyes cabochon. Besides Black Star, Diopside also has a lot of other variety that will be tackled once we reach on the certain sections of our website. In addition to this, this very stone embodies love fidelity and the inner heart. Just something perfect to desire!


Black Star Diopside’s Properties

Ranging from the scale of hardness 5.0 to 6.0, this Black Star Diopside is associated to the magnesium formed Diopside group of minerals that shapes in metamorphic and igneous rocks. This very stone was naturally formed through natural aftermath of volcanic activity.

Every piece of healing prowess a Black Star Diopside can do

Physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally, every wearer or owner of this Black Star Diopside will have the chance to benefits from its power, the following are the lists of its healing properties:

  • It is known for treating disorders such as heart, lung and circulation related problems
  • It is known for restoring energy for all those who feels drain in life, it can also re-fuel the soul and mind of its wearer
  • It helps a person to be safe every time
  • A great help for everyone who wants to improve their knowledge
  • It also promotes great creativity
  • It also has the moniker the “crying stone”, that said it can help its wearer move on from its traumas and tragic experiences
  • Can also be acknowledged as the academic stone because it is believed to improve and stimulate the intellect of a person

Everyone can definitely benefit from all these properties and it can definitely be much useful for all those who were born in the month of March.

With a very reasonable price, each one of our Black Star Diopside will surely not disappoint. In fact all these magnanimous gemstones have all been proven and tested to testify that all our products will surely fit the standards of every single one of our clients. The value of your money will all be worth it! Come and have a piece of semipreciousking’s Black Star Diopside!