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Sublime Beryl

Beryl: The Glorious And Sparkly Gemstone And All The Things It Can Do

Expertise with such precious looking Beryl, with us anyone can guarantee that they are in great hands. Client’s satisfaction is on the top of our priority lists that is why we offer sublime quality of Beryl gems.

But what is Beryl and what are the good things it can give to its wearer/owner? In this section will be where all the facts and greatness of this very gemstone will be told. Beryl usually comes out colorless but it can also be discovered with other amazing colors such as green, greenish-yellow red, pink, and other great combinations of colors. Aquamarine and Emerald are both part of the Beryl family and are considered as a variety of Beryl. With all that being said it proves that Beryl gemstones plays a vital role in the gemstone world. The name of this stone was derived from the Greek word “beryllos” that means “precious blue green color”.  This gift sent from above kind of gemstone can be mined from different part of the world such as Colombia, Brazil, California and Russia.


Properties of Beryl

Known for being the one of the reasons that Aquamarine and Emerald are existing. Beryl is a silicate mineral and is the main ore of beryllium metal. The hardness of this one reaches from 7.5 to 8

Besides Aquamarine and Emerald this very stone creates a lot of other gemstones as well:

  • Pink Variety – Morganite
  • Red Variety (Extremely Rare) – Bixbite
  • Colorless Form – Goshenite
  • Yellow Green – Heliodor or Golden Beryl

It also comes with a transparency depending on the lightings, it can be seen as transparent or opaque. Simply flawless!


Discussing Every Single Healing Skills Of Beryl

Among all the gemstones, there is no doubt that Beryl is one of the most all-around gemstones when it comes to being amazing. And each of the gemstones it can produce regardless of the color, sure is each one comes out unique and distinctive and that’s the same way that goes for its powers. Here are all the magical and beneficial things it can promote:

  • It is indicated that it can provide happiness to its wearer
  • It also serves as a cheerful gemstone to anyone who’s going to own it
  • It drives away every bad element including evil spirits
  • In an ancient literature, Pliny used Beryl and turned it into powder to cure eye injuries
  • Protects all the travelers
  • It can ease and treat disorders including spine and heart related problems


As aforementioned we offer our clients only the best of the best when it comes to Beryl, this is to satisfy and sooth them with all the quality Beryl we have and make sure that they will come back for more. Our beryl underwent through every strict process to certify that each one can fit every customer’s needs and wants. Get a piece of a Beryl or two and enjoy the magic of this undeniable gemstone!