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Apatite: The Gemstone that will please the expectations

These Apatite are those attractive gemstones that can make a person tilt his head just to take a glimpse at these semiprecious stones. It belongs to the family of Phosphate mineral.

This stone is more popular as a gemstone for gem collectors than the jewelers. Gem collectors favored them the most with the level of authenticity it has. This kind of stone is used for the production of fertilizer worldwide. People believes that the moon rock that were collected by the system Apollo contains Apatite. The calcium phosphate inside our bones and teeth also shares the same element with Apatite, thus concluding the we also have Apatite inside us.  In addition to that, Apatite is also among the gemstones that are highly valued and prized by the gem collectors.

Its name Apatite were taken from the Greek term that means “to deceive”. The term was used because it is easy for Apatite to confuse people with other gemstones.

Apatite’s Properties

This gemstone is famous for having a Mohs scale that ranges from 5. Normally it is green in hue, but Apatite can also appear in colors yellow, brown, blue, purple, pink and it can even appear colorless. Apatite are naturally vivid and jazzy which is why it is always been cut into a gemstone. It also joins the lists of those gemstones that are brittle. This distinctive gemstone often found in igneous and metamorphic rocks. Blue Apatite are those that are more highly priced.

Pleasing Healing Abilities of Apatite

Apatite appears in many colors, and in each healing properties depends on which color an Apatite it has. Here goes its power list:

  • Blue Apatite is highly connected with the Throat Chakra thus helping its owner to communicate well and help him voice out his suggestion and opinions to group or other people
  • Blue Apatite acts as a hunger suppressant as it has that energy it can provide to its owner
  • Blue Apatite promotes and renews body sensations
  • Blue Apatite helps improve manifestation of ideas
  • Blue Apatite helps everyone with special needs especially for encouragement and ease in social situations

Simply amazing and beneficial! These Apatite that we offer all have the perfect quality that will surely soothes and satisfies our beloved customers. All these are available in different forms depending on the client’s needs. Each are now up for grabs for a very reasonable price!