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Amazonite: The Fierce and Gorgeous Gemstones

Amazonite was a favorite of the Egypt natives because this semi opaque stone was used monstrously and is acknowledged to be named after the Amazon women warriors.

There is also a belief that this enjoyable on the sight stone was found first on the Amazon river and therefore named after the latter.

Amazonite is usually come in lighter colors, the likes of light-green to blue green are just few examples.

Amazonite is naturally located at places such as

  • United States
  • Brazil
  • Zimbabwe
  • Russia
  • Australia
  • Namibia

Keen as a water, Amazonite unveils a capturing tint of sea blue and green, auspicious to appease the soul and serenades the spirit.

Amazonite is a surely eco-friendly kind of stone. It has a property or characteristic that acts as a stimulant that can absorb electromagnetic radiations and environmental pollutions

Amazonite’s Properties

A stone variety of microcline feldspar and is commonly smoothened as cabochon. It exhibits a schiller light which is caused by inclusions. Schiller is a gleaming backscattering from planes in a mineral grain and is alike to the more known iridescence. The said schiller happens due to the characteristics of the gem’s crystal build.

Amazonite belongs to the list of not-so-durable gemstone. It has a scale of hardness that reaches 5-6 millimeters.

The Powerful Healing Skills of Amazonite

Here are the fierce as amazon lists of its healing traits

  • Establishes creative thinking
  • Balances the astral body
  • Aligns all chakra of a person
  • A relaxing gemstone that provides great confidence
  • Named as the “hope stone” as it can give hope to its owner
  • An activator for the inactive teenagers
  • It is also the stone of courage and is believed that it was used by the first generations of Amazons.

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