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Alexandrite: The Overpowering and Entrancing Gem

Alexandrite exists with an enchantress like beauty that consumers would love to own because of the presence it obtains. Coming from the family of chrysoberyl, Alexandrite also has chrysoberyl cat’s eye.

Going back to the history, exactly in the year 1834, Alexandrite was located by the French miner named Nils Gustaf Nordenskiöld. When the miner discovered the stone, he thought the gemstone was the precious stone Emerald. Despite being mined first in the landmines of Russia, but this country no longer conducts such stone. Nowadays, Alexandrite can be mined in the gem fields of Africa, Brazil, and Sri Lanka. Alexandrite in fact of being gathered in the aforementioned places, it is still considered as rare.

Its title was named after Russian Czar, Alexander II, he was assassinated back in the year 1881. Back in the age of Victoria, Victorian people are fond of jewelleries made from eye catching Alexandrite. Natural and authentic Alexandrite are much expensive than all the precious gemstone, making it a one of a kind semiprecious gemstone.

Alexandrite’s Properties

Alexandrite is a relative of the chrysoberyl family along with chrysoberyl cat's eye. Alexandrite shows in its blueish green in sunlight and reddish purple under artificial light like a light bulb. The happening of the color change in Alexandrite gemstone occurs due to the amount of chromium.  Chromium is also the reason of the beryl in the green of Emerald.

The Absorbing Alleviating Hallmark of Alexandrite

Alexandrite is not as much as historic gemstone but nevertheless it is a very important gemstone in terms of being able to heal things such as:

  • It has a strong connection with good fortune
  • Healers said that it can enhance one’s creativity and focus
  • An ideal gemstone for buyers who have too much self-discipline
  • The reminder that life is too short and every one should make the most of it and have fun
  • The giver of hope and encouragement

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