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Agate: The Mystifying September Birthstone

The bright and vivid colors of Agate had help it to become known and favored by a lot people all over the world and there is no denying in that. Since prehistoric time, Agate gemstones are heavily used. Its beauty had overwhelmed people that it becomes a design to most jewellery back in the day.

Agate was named after the River Achates in Sicily. It is believed that it was first discovered on the said location. It is traditionally being presented as a gift for married couples when they are celebrating their 12th or 14th wedding anniversary.

Agate’s Properties

This shimmering gemstone belongs to the clan of Chalcedony. Ancient volcanic rocks are what have become the first source and producer of Agate. Similar with other semiprecious gemstones, this one is developed after volcanic eruptions.

The Thrilling Healing Powers of Agate

Healing powers of gemstone always do good deeds for people. Here are most of the Agate’s natural healing properties:

  • Agate is known to widen its owner’s perspective in life
  • It can also promote great friendship and brotherhood for the wearer
  • In the culture of Persia, it is considered to prevent storms, especially the strong ones
  • Agates are effective for insomnia, allergies, skin diseases and also stress

These gemstones are known to possess a lot of properties. Kind of like their presence appeals and attracts to the senses, their qualities does appeal and interest the minds. It is undoubtful that it is becoming known after day by day.

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