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yellow sapphire

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Yellow Sapphire: The Embellishing Yellow

Yellow Sapphire, is obviously the yellow variety of the Precious Gemstone, Sapphire. Yellow Sapphire is also part of the corundum family.  For all the people who truly believes in the power of astrology, this Yellow Sapphire would make an incredible gemstone.

Yellow Sapphire is already an amazing name but certain places prefer to call it by the name “Pukhraj stone”. This lovely gemstone sure is full of brightness with its vivid light. It is automatically a birthstone for the month of September.

Great quality of Yellow Sapphire are gathered directly from Sri Lanka (Sri Lankan landmines are known to contribute Sapphire of different kinds with qualities that are second to none)

Yellow Sapphire’s Properties

Corundum associated gemstones seems to be among the hardest gemstones in the world. Sapphire makes it as the second to the most durable gemstone, all thanks to its ranking which is 9 millimeters in the Mohs Scale of Hardness.

The Suggested Lists of Yellow Sapphire’s Powers

An impressive bright yellow that will never stop on impressing with its tremendous lists of healing powers and here are most of them:

  • It can help a person who is dealing with stomach related problems such as diarrhea
  • It can also help in several more medical conditions, the likes of dropsy, tuberculosis, skin problems, tumor, jaundice and ulcer are just few examples
  • In terms of strengthening the immune system and blood circulation, everyone can count on this stone
  • The most commendable for all the people who suffers from liver and pancreas related problems
  • Wear this gemstone and all the pain in the chest or difficulties on breathing will be gone
  • If a person wants fame and wealth then he/she must use or wear this stone
  • It will be highly beneficial for students as it can help them improve their wit and knowledge.
  • To those who are having tension between relationship, it is very recommendable to use this gemstone in order to glue back the torn bond between the couple

There is more than this that Yellow Sapphire can do and it is very eager to put a change in anyone’s life.

Each of these Yellow Sapphire can provide the glow that you need in your life. Consume the Yellow Sapphire and start on improving yourself! Up for grabs in a very wholesome price.