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pink sapphire

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Pink Sapphire: The Pretty and Impressive in Pink Gemstone

Pink Sapphire is obviously the pink variation of the gemstone Sapphire. Being a representative of Sapphire, this stone also makes it to the Precious Gemstones Lists. Pink Sapphires can be mined from various parts of the world.

Pink Sapphires are the epitome of loyalty, trust, and sincerity because it symbolizes those three traits. This stone would make a perfect design and material for jewellery. With that said, it is very ideal to be used in rings such as wedding and engagement rings. Most of the alluring Pink Sapphire came directly from the South East Asia’s Sri Lanka and Myanmar.

Pink Sapphire’s Properties

Pink Sapphire are considered to be rare, these stones are more affordable than diamonds and it is on the second best next to diamond when it comes to the degree of hardness. But years have passed and this gemstone are now less rare and people can attain it more easily because of the growing source of this gemstone. When the name Sapphire comes to mind, most people would instantly remind them the blue variation of this gem. Literally, Sapphires emerges with different colors such as green, yellow, orange and of course pink. The pink shade of a Sapphire can be determined depending on the amount of corundum inside it. The darker the shade of the gem is the more material and elements it owns. Darker shaded Pink Sapphire are more heated.

The Lovely Healing Possibilities it can do

Another variety of Sapphire is the Pink Sapphire that also has its own credibility and ability to heal. And here are the lists of its healing properties:

  • It is used for therapeutic purposes as this stone are believed to nourish and help improve the emotional state of a person
  • It is also thought to help its wearer move on from its tragic experiences
  • It promotes love as well
  • It has the power to awaken the inner intelligence of a person
  • It can make the person a better version of himself

Each of these Pink Sapphire that we have for our clients are truly fascinating and one of a kind. Everything had gone through the needed process to certify and validate. Each one has their designated wholesale price that customers will definitely be fond of. Avail a Pink Sapphire directly from us and feel the spark and magic it can provide!