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Sapphire: All the Other Kinds of Sapphire

Sapphire is definitely among the gemstones that owns a lot of color variations. Sapphires are the gemstones that can be always seen on the market and is always approved and highly favored. With its beauty, it is no wonder why Roman people have treasured this gemstone the most.

Its name was gleaned from term sapphiros, which means blue but Sapphire also produce a blue variety but rather produce a rainbow of colors. The most recurring and usual color for Sapphire are blue, pink, and yellow while some are the unusual Orange, Green, and Black with red being recognized as a Ruby. Sapphire usually gains their color depending on the amount of iron and titanium. The rarest type of Sapphire is the pinkish to orange variation called padparadscha. Another rare variation of this charming gemstone are known to be the color change sapphire. On the other hand, there are also synthetically made Sapphire that makes the best replacement for the genuine Sapphires.

Sapphire is used and traditionally gifted as 5th or 45th wedding anniversary gift for married couples. It belongs to wondrous family of the corundum. In additional it is considered among the most durable gemstones that exists. Because of its hardness of 9.0 in Mohs scale, it is majorly used in commercial and business purposes. These gems are usually gathered and collected from the mines of nations such as Australia, China and Cambodia.

Regardless of the color variation Sapphire has, each are unique and each have their own distinctive healing properties. Sapphire certainly has the power that can act as a spiritual enlightenment to its possessor. Sapphires can be a solution for all the depressed and act as an antidepressant and with that said, Sapphire makes the best gemstone to relieve from all kinds of stress.

Here in semipreciousking.com, customers can find every possible kinds of Sapphire. From various shades to various cuts and designs and as well as shapes. But regardless of the looks of our Sapphire, each shares the same quality that will make our buyers feel complete. Get a Sapphire of your own now for a very reasonable price.