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multi sapphire

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Multi Sapphire: The Magnet to the Eyes Multi Color Fun Galore

Multi Sapphire are Sapphire gemstones that are gathered and offered in variations of colors. We offer Multi Sapphire in our store and also here in the semipreciousking.com for the clients who are finding great color combination of quality Sapphires. The most famous color for Sapphire is the blue kind which gives such intensity. While Sapphire’s rarest color is the orange variety named padparadscha.

Sapphire is undeniably beautiful, that is why in the early age, Romanians used to polish sapphires for them to be able to wear it as jewelleries. The uniqueness of this one is surely something perfect to treasure with. The word Sapphire came from the Greek word sappheiros, this name was created originally for another blue gemstone which is the Lapis Lazuli. Because of the undeniable characteristics of this gem it is being used until nowadays for industrial use.

Multi Sapphire’s Properties

As mentioned above, Multi Sapphire is consisted of mixed colors of Sapphires.  Multi Sapphire emerges in lots of various color such as pink, yellow, orange, and green. Experts say that Red kind of Sapphires are considered to be Ruby (in which case both Sapphire and Ruby are related to corundum family). A color of Sapphire can be determined via what elements they are being consisted of. If the stone contains the elements iron and titanium then the gem will turn to blue. On the other hand, if the stone manages to have a chromium then it has the possibility to turn into a pink. This precious stone is among the most durable gemstone, owning a Mohs scale that ranges from 9. Another additional fun fact about this stone is that they can produce such phenomenon called the “star effect”

Different Colors, Different Healing Prowess

Sapphire alone is majestic when it comes to promoting healing properties, and with all these colors of Sapphire available into one product makes it among the most beneficial gemstone in the world. Here are all the different uses for Multi Colored Sapphire:

  • It protects its owner from harm and evil spirits
  • It does not only protect them from evil spirits but also from the owner’s enemies
  • This beauteous of a gemstone embodies nobility and faithfulness
  • Rich in blue hued Sapphire are related to royalty

The amount of the help it can provide is indeed amazing. September babies would surely love all these traits from this enchanting gemstone.

Each color of Sapphire that is available here with us all have that quality that matches completely with each other. These group of precious gemstones would make a promising addition to our client’s cart as it is gathered from wonderful places around the world and turned into such classic kinds of Sapphire. We are definitely the perfect destination for everyone who’s looking for a variety of classical Sapphires.