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blue sapphire

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Blue Sapphire: The Exceptional Blue Celestial Jewel

Among all the colors that Sapphire produces, Blue Sapphire makes the best out of all of them. Blue Sapphire is probably the most beloved by experts and gemstone collectors. It is always the one being looked for in stores. And here with us we only have the best kind of Blue colored Sapphire.

Original Blue Sapphire came from Kashmir and it is believed to be among the most expensive stone in the world. Our Blue Sapphires are majorly gathered from Thailand and Sri Lanka  This cream of the crop gemstone is usually being worn in the middle finger although its still up to everyone’s preferences as it is not mandatory. In Hindi, it is also called Neelam Stone and in Hindu astrology it is considered a mystical gemstone. It also gained the nickname “The Celestial Jewel”.

Blue Sapphire’s Properties

Buying Blue Sapphire may also need a little assistance and a little knowledge. People should always consider four things:

  • Cut
  • Carat
  • Clarity
  • Color

Blue Sapphire are also made from corundum and is belong to the latter’s kind. The minerals such as iron and titanium are what makes all these Sapphires blue. It is also considered the next most durable gemstone in the world next to Diamonds. It comes with a Mohs scale that can be measured in 9.0.

What kind of Healing Prowess does Blue Sapphire possess?

Years and years, people have been acknowledging Blue Sapphire as one of their favorite gemstones. Especially with its natural beauty and uniqueness. This Sapphire variety has truckload of healing properties that are not so similar with its other kind. And here are the lists:

  • It is believed that Blue Sapphire improves wisdom and health of its wearer
  • It is being worn as an amulet from ancient times to prevent its owner from getting harm
  • Newly married couples can get a lot of benefits from this stone
  • It is considered to be a royal stone
  • It is known for being the Bestower of truth
  • It also enhances its wearers critical thinking skills

It is just amazing with how many great things a Blue Sapphire can do in a person’s life and more especially to the ones who were born in September.

These Blue Sapphire that we selected to be made available are all chosen strictly. We only choose those with the correct quality that will justify and fulfill customer’s satisfaction and happiness. We are always consistent when it comes to giving them all they need and want. We want our customers to trust us and filled their hearts nothing but greatness.