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Sapphire: The Fierce Precious Gemstone

Sapphire is absolutely phenomenal and famous and nobody could ever erase its greatness amongst the people and history. Sapphire has been largely known all over the world and there are certain reasons behind all that.

The term “sapphire” is where its name got translated from. Romanians was the first race to adore the beauty of this precious rock, polishing them to use the stones for jewellery making. For all those who are celebrating their 5th or 45th wedding anniversary, it is advisable for them to have this traditional gemstone as a gift to each other.

Up until today Sapphire is one of the most requested precious stones in the market. These stones are largely gathered from countries like Madagascar, Ceylon, and Kashmir. In addition to that, some of the popular Royal people loves to wear jewelleries that are embossed with a Sapphire, Princess Diana is one of the prime examples.

Sapphire’s Properties

Sapphire is among the kind of gemstones that can appear in many variations of color. It can appear in colors like blue of the midnight sky, navy blue, yellow reflections of the sun, and pink of dawn and dusk. Besides these awesome hues, Sapphire also shows in a rainbow of colors. It also has some unusual colors such as orange, black, and purple. The most valuable color of this one is the color blue. This precious gemstone belongs to the family of corundum. This one is a non-red type corundum (red is acknowledged as Ruby) This mineral is considered to be one of the toughest ones among the world. Its hardness comes in second next to the Diamond. It comes with a Mohs Scale of hardness that ranges from 9 millimeters.

Sapphire’s Shining and Majestic Powers

Sapphire is the birthstone for the month of September, and customers who were born on that month should take note of these lists:

  • Its power includes spiritual enlightenment and inner peace
  • For all the elderlies who suffers from rheumatism they can make the best out of this gemstone
  • It can also be used as an anti-depressant
  • Back in the middle age, they believe that Sapphire can protect them from danger and evil spirits
  • It can provide a great creative expression to its wearer
  • A best companion when a person is meditating
  • Gives luck and wisdom as well
  • Serve a great optimism too
  • If a person wants to be independent then this one is the best for them

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