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Emerald: The Unmatchable Green Hued Precious Gemstone

Emerald is destined to be part of the line-up of Precious Gemstones, simply because it owns an incredible and matchless green hue that looks so stunning and breathe taking. There are no better green colored gemstones than Emerald that is why it is very favored by lots of experts and gemstone collectors. It is also among the top lists of gemstones that is always being requested on the market. The gleam of its green hue will surely enlighten everyone’s life.

Billions of years had past and Emerald is known to be one of the oldest gemstones. The name of this gemstone was taken from the Latin term, smaragdus which means green. Ancient people, including the majestic Cleopatra have favored this gemstone heavily and made this one of her adored stones. Traditionally, this promising gemstone is used and presented as a wedding anniversary gift for couple in their 20th, 35th, and 55th year together. It is also famous for its moniker “the stone of successful love”. The major founder of these beauteous gemstones is the country of Colombia, 50% of the emerald contribution in the gemstone industry are from them. There was also synthetic version produced by manufacturers and they make the best substitute for those who are looking for a cheaper price.

Emerald’s Properties

Emerald is the green hued gemstone that is highly associated with the Beryl family. It is made of Beryl just like the semiprecious gemstone Aquamarine. Because of elements such as chromium and/or vanadium, it helps Emerald gemstones to become more beautiful in their green color. It comes naturally with a Mohs scale of 7.5 – 8 hardness. Authentically this magnetic gemstone comes in shades of green such as deep darkish green to soft green.

Matchless Healing Properties of Emerald

Precious stones are believed to have a stronger healing powers, which is why these stones are so much loved by people. Emeralds have all these powers that can help anyone with emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual problems. It can also provide help to those May babies out there! The following are the lists:

  • Ancient people have thought of putting Emeralds in their tongue for them to see their future
  • It helps anyone to guard against memory loss; helps also people with short term memory loss
  • It is believed to find out if a love statement is true
  • It relaxes and relieves eye strain
  • It promotes romance to its owner as well
  • It can help anyone by improving their communication
  • It enhances unity and friendship

One of a kind and second to none, Emerald are beyond amazing indeed!

Our Emerald promises to never disappoint with its naturally easy to the eyes green hue that can poke client’s attention in any given moment. The classic touch of this gemstone will give the customers the classical and vintage feels. In a quality that is premium and one in a million, client’s value of money is just worth it.