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opaque colors

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Opaque Colors

Opaque is one of the main three gemstone’s transparency that happens after the interacting of light into the gem. The gemstone’s beauty may vary depending on the level of opacity and it is also where the value of the stone is often based.

A lot would ask what is the difference of Opaque colored gemstone with all the other gemstone. The thing is when you hit it directly with a light, the light would not be able to pass through the gem unlike the other gemstones. This one is neither translucent or transparent and that what makes it unique. That is why semipreciousking.com have come up with an idea of adding wondrous set of Opaque colored gemstones into their collections. All these gems come out with every kind of opaque possible.

But, whatever the level of opacity a certain gemstone has, it surely has a special uniqueness amongst each other that we should always give importance.