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opaque colors

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Opaque Colors

A lot would ask what is the difference of Opaque colored gemstone with all the other gemstone. The thing is when you hit it directly with a light, the light would not be able to pass through the gem unlike the other gemstones. This one is neither translucent or transparent and that what makes it unique. That is why semipreciousking.com have come up with an idea of adding wondrous set of Opaque colored gemstones into their collections. All these gems comes out with every kind of opaque possible. Each one varies from tremendous size,shapes,designs and cuts. Each one of these remarkable gemstone are all under the Hydri Synthetic Created Gemstone category as well. These are the kind of gemstone that you can only find here at the semipreciousking.com. Every piece underwent through strict and special inspection and every materials used in creating this lovely gems were proven and tested first. You will definitely love it's great quality that comes out with a very budget friendly cost! Browse all the available opaque colored gemstone on the top of this page and find the most desirable for you!

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