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fancy cuts

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Fancy Cuts: The Highly Demanded Type of Cuts

Fancy Cut are the type of cut that can speak for itself.  From the word itself “fancy” it is something that can attract and appeal our hearts.

Fancy Cuts are what most consumer and gemstone collectors mostly find and ordered. This version of cut is given to gemstones that comes with the smoothest look although there are other textures that is given a cut like this.

Out of all kinds of cuts, Fancy Cuts shines bright like a Diamond in the rough. Fancy faceted gemstones always look classy and second to none. Cutting any kind of gemstone into fancy requires a lot of qualities as well.

Most of the gemstones that gets this cut are the ones which owns the highest value. Less valuable gemstones are often given a normal and common shape and cut.

The skillful the cut of the gem is the shinier it can easily become. Fancy Cuts were first given to Diamonds considering they are the most important gemstone in the world. Nowadays, this Fancy Cut can now be applied on any kind of stone.

Some example of Fancy Cuts:

  • Round Brilliant
  • Fancy Cut
  • Modified Brilliants
  • Step Cut
  • Mixed Cut
  • Rose Cut

Fancy cuts also come in enormous sizes and that adds a little more spice to the gem itself. Most gemstone here in the semipreciousking.com are given out of this world kind of fancy shapes. This is the perfect place where the consumer can witness a butterfly shaped gemstone and more stuff that can only be seen here.

Considering the gemstones used in these collections are valuable, the value will also be applied on its factory price. The potential price will all be worth it especially with how awesome the available fancy cut gemstones are. Avail now directly from us!