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Cubic Zirconia – White

Cubic Zirconia is a low-cost alternative with lots of similarities with a diamond. Just like Diamonds, Cubic Zirconia or CZ can be avail in variant colors as well. Cubic Zirconia is a crystalline material and is made naturally by men. In addition, all the Cubic Zirconia today are fabricated in a laboratory. Because of it being a great replacement for Diamonds, the demands and requests for the said stone have grown.

Semipreciousking.com offers varieties of Cubic Zirconia colors but now we are going to tackle the awe-inspiring colorless Cubic Zirconia. Since the rivalry between Diamonds and Cubic Zirconia, lots of buyers and gemstone collectors considered CZ rather as fraud and fake but to some it is a blessing in disguised for those who are less fortunate but want to avail an engaging stone.

Naturally, Cubic Zirconia are much heavier but not as durable as diamonds as it weighs for about 8.5 millimeters. All the colorless Cubic Zirconia are those that are not yet treated with impurity.

Cubic Zirconia no matter what the color is are also graded based on the four C’s kind of similar how Diamonds are graded. The four C’s includes color, clarity, cut and carat weight.

It may not be as tough as Diamonds but it can be a good setting for jewelleries especially for jewelry rings. Because even if its scratchable and easy to be broken, it would not be much of a headache.

All the colorless Cubic Zirconia are all available in vast shapes and cuts and as well as a very commendable and matchless cost.