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cubic zirconia

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Cubic Zirconia: The Fantastic Diamond Like Gemstone

Cubic Zirconia are the gemstones that are almost similar with the alpha of the gemstone world, Diamond. Kind of the like Diamond, Cubic Zirconia appeals very much for the ladies. Cubic Zirconia makes a great sparkling affordable gemstone that can be a good replacement for the stone Diamond.  

Cubic Zirconia is naturally man made to be a simulant for Diamond. It can be often compared to the White Zircon, Cubic Zirconia however are more of a budget friendly.

China and Thailand are two of Cubic Zirconia’s major contributors. The largest factories of Cubic Zirconia are mostly found in China though.

Cubic Zirconia are sometimes much preferred by most women. They love wearing these kinds of stones set in jewellery because they do not have the fear of it getting broken or stolen from them because of it being inexpensive.

Cubic Zirconia’s Properties

This gemstone is the form of zirconium dioxide. It is a gemstone that is often synthesized as well. Usually the synthetic cubic zirconia is durable, visually unblemished and normally transparent. Although traditionally colorless, Cubic Zirconia can appear in multiple hues as well.

Another gemstone that has a comparability with Diamond and Cubic Zirconia itself is the radiant White Zircon. The big difference between these two sparkles is that White Zircon is more of a natural mineral while Cubic Zirconia nowadays are often artificially produced gemstone. White Zircon also tends to have a light that can go beyond the version of Diamond’s. Cubic Zirconia on the other hand acquires a more flare or fluoresces of color. Cubic Zirconia on most occasions since its synthetic are created to perfection and White Zircons can include inclusions.

Catalogs of Cubic Zirconia’s Healing Powers

Even if most Cubic Zirconia nowadays are simulated, it can still serve its owner such powers:

  • It can provide a better vision
  • Has the stregnth to tele-communicate with the Third Chakra
  • Can connect with the higher knowledge
  • It is also the stone of ascencion
  • It can detach a person from his massive ego

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