Ruby, is called as ‘Manikya’ in Hindi. The name suggests that it is one of the precious, magical and powerful one in the list of top nine stones having influential effects on any planet or any astrological body. According to Hinduism, ruby stone is counted as the most powerful gemstone ever.

The glittering and glistening ruby stone is available in different colors from red to various shades of pink. Its bright and strong color attracts anyone at a glance. These special colors are due to the presence of chromium in this stone. Pigeon blood color is said to be the best quality of all.

Horoscope & Ruby:
Various experienced astrologers suggest one wearing ruby stone by observing the entire planetary placements and how it affects his/ her life. Most of the gemstones including ruby has the power to influence the energy fields surrounding us and alter the karmas and energy depending on it.

Ruling planet – Sun:
The actions of Ruby is said to be influenced by the sun. In astrology, the sun has huge importance and is called as the king/ father in horoscope. It symbolizes authority, power, courage, integrity and dignity. So, having the sun in a well positive position, the ruby wearer can become royal in his life. On the contrary, he may lose his financial and professional constancy.

Astrological benefits:
• Wearing a ruby stone a person is able to improve his/ her ‘social-image’.

• He/ she will be able to get favored by the government and other administrational bodies.
• Wearing this gemstone a person is able to overcome mental depression and other emotional setbacks.
• In the ancient times, only royalties used to wear this gemstone. Now, with astrological advice, a person wearing a ruby can enjoy luxurious worldly things in his/ her life.
• One should buy natural Ruby online in Bangkok as a well-bought stone can open ways to higher paths of life.
• If someone is failing achieve his/ her career goals, wearing a ruby gemstone can bring their focus on staying firmly on the chosen path to achieve success.

Health benefits:
As told earlier, a negative placement of the sun in the horoscope can be a source to illness and diseases in the wearer. Ruby can lower the effects of these negative impacts of the sun.

Remember to check the quality and originality of the stone before you buy ruby in Thailand. It’s important because a duplicate or synthetic ruby stone can offer harmful effects on the wearer.

Therefore, selecting a genuine source of buying is crucial.

Buying ruby online or not?
Ruby stones can be bought online as there are plenty of reliable sources available online. But most people scare of being cheated by fake gem sellers. However, the problem sustains for offline sellers too. You can research online to how to identify genuine ruby gemstones and only then go for buying one to wear on your ring or on your neckpiece.

Online stores can offer you a reasonable price range as they give preferences to customer satisfaction. SemiPreciousKing is such an organization that assures its customers of buying 100% genuine ruby stones every time!