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Rubellite Beads: The Gorgeous Gift From our Nature

The intensely beautiful in its pink hue is part of the gorgeous family of Tourmaline. Rubellite in its gemstone form is colorful enough to appeal the minds of our customers but what more if its in its beads necklace style?

Rubellite is naturally heated for the experts the desired color for this very gem. Rubellites are treated with an extreme pressure. The traces can be seen widely from the variation of colors they display. The colors can range from pink to ruby red (kind of similar to what a Ruby can exhibit).

One of Rubellite’s difference from Ruby is that Rubellite looks to be more of a rare kind of gemstone while Ruby can be found everywhere. With its rarity and quality, this Tourmaline variation is loved by many. It also owns a purity and clarity that will never be topped by anything.

It has a name that was taken from the word,“rubellus” which is a exquisite Latin word. In each year, only a carat that equivalents to 100,000 are mined all over the world. Different from Burma Rubies, Rubellite are barely found in Asian countries. These remarkable gemstones can only be found in places such as Brazil, Madagascar, and Nigeria. Because of the numbers being mined in each year, the price of Rubellite in the market has been increased largely.

Rubellite are absolutely staggering and what makes them more unique is that they can execute an electric potential once they are heated or cooled. This gemstone can be called pyro-electric as it can generate such ability.

Red or pink are not the only ones that Rubellite exhibits. It can also reveal colors such as blue ( Indicolite) and the green ones (Verdelite). Nonetheless, red and pink are the main ones being more appreciated are the ones which always competes with Ruby.

Rubellite beads necklaces would make a considerable gift for a special someone. Each of these strands of Rubellite gemstones comes with an eccentric style that could fit with the fashion of our customers. Engage into our collection of Rubellite beads necklace and start searching for the Rubellite beads necklace that might fill in your satisfactory level.