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beer quartz

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Beer Quartz Beads: The Super Profitable Necklace

Beer Quartz is such a banging gemstone, a nice looking and extra special semiprecious gemstone by having a great set of healing properties. Beer Quartz gets it name directly from its self as it has the same look as a yellow that is close to a bubbly beer. Most of the time, some Beer Quartz comes with a light yellowish effect that it is referred to as Whiskey Quartz.

Beer Quartz is a hard gemstone ranging from a Mohs scale of hardness that reaches 6.5 to 7 millimeters. Beer Quartz is such a bright and radiant yellow that no one will get tired of seeing it. A perfectly gemstone that comes with an own version and twist of a semiprecious gemstone.

Beer Quartz is highly valuable that is why it is one of the gemstones that are heavily prized. Coincidentally, Beer Quartz and Beer have a lot of comparison besides their appearance they also share the same metaphysical properties. Beer Quartz is a balancing gemstone, therefore it can balance anyone’s chakra in an instance. It is known to help a person’s digestive system. It is famous for improving a person’s knowledge and nervous coordination between one’s brain and muscles.

As the fictional character from the series, Simpson says, “Here’s to alcohol: the cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems”. Beer Quartz is infamous for being one of the greatest gemstones to have ever exist because of its healing traits and it is also one of the gemstones that we turned into attractive strands of beads necklaces. This collection of beads necklace will make the selection of our consumers grow. Each string of beads necklaces are formed of actual Beer Quartz shaped and cut and we also made sure that the design will fit in the look of a bead necklace. Grab a piece of this jewellery and reward your striving self with such winsome necklaces.