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blue topaz

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Online Blue Topaz Beads: The Enrapturing Necklace

Blue Topaz is the gem design allocated to December, known as month of love and giving. It is a variety of Topaz in its blue tint. Among the kinds of Topaz, Blue Topaz outlasts everyone by being the most demanded and sought-after gemstone. It is also known as the most valuable of its group.

Blue Topaz is not naturally blue but is somewhat colorless. The blue tone can be achieved in the manner of heat treatment. By irradiation and heat treatment, the shades of blue will range from pale to sky blue to swiss blue and London blue.

Staring at a Blue Topaz especially in its beads necklace form would make a great imagination of water, wind and sky. Blue Topaz is an aluminum silicate which has up to 20% fluorine or water. Therefore, its properties will depend wholesomely on the amount of fluorine or water present in the stone.

Blue Topaz is acknowledged to be far more superior than Aquamarine when it comes to having blue shades. Pleochroism that can be found in Aquamarine stones are nowhere to be found in Blue Topaz.

The value of this magnolius gemstone ascends with its hue intensity. While it is often light and pale, it comes in bright and intense blue as well. It sometimes exhibit a light gray or greenish tinge.

The name Topaz from Blue Topaz was taken from the word topazion which is a Greek term.

Wear our beads necklaces and experience the power it can provide. Blue Topaz knows how to soothe, recharge and stimulate the drained energy of a body. An enhancer of forgiveness and truth. It can also provide abundance, generosity and good health. The gemstone made for love, affection and good fortune.

Our beads necklaces are made out of shapely and well looking kinds of Blue Topaz of different shades of Blue. An exquisite gemstone best to wear to express the glam within one’s self. Check out all our available Blue Topaz beads necklace without any hassle!