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Sodalite Beads: The Princess Blue Necklace

Named after the sodium it is containing, Sodalite is a piece of blue that is commonly used for jewellery and carvings. In the market, this blue colored and easy to the eyes stone is very adored and demanded. A member of feldspathoid family of minerals.

The gemstone’s name was created back in the year 1811, by Thomas Thomson, the man who was the inspiration of the name Thomsonite.

Most people are confused on which is Sodalite and which is Lapis Lazuli because they do have a lot of alikeness. Sodalite tends to have a silver like effect and that somehow sets it apart from Lapis. Nonetheless, Sodalite makes a picture perfect gemstone to take the place of the expensive Lapis Lazuli.

Sodalite is a gemstone that was assigned by many names and here are a few lists of them:

  • Hackmanite – An enormous kind of Sodalite in a white form that gradually turns to Pink once exposed to ultra violet rays
  • Alomite – a trade name that was given to Sodalite that came directly from Bancroft, Ontario, Canada
  • Bluestone – often given in vernacular
  • Canadian Bluestone - given sodalite from the vicinity
  • Canadian Lapis
  • Chameleon Sodalite
  • Princess Blue – a name that most Canadian gave Sodalite in reference to the Princess of England who has fallen in love with the stone

Sodalite is a very decorative gemstone that it would make and add another needed spice in anyone’s collection. Sodalite or Princess Blue are ordered by her majesty, Princess Mary to be a decoration for the interior designing of her Marlborough House located in London.

Sodalite may be quick to love in its blue but its others colors would sure be known as well:

  • White
  • Gray
  • Green

These thunderous colors along with the blue definitely has a lot of chance to grow their popularity not just in every market but in the whole planet.

A gemstone that is now designed into magnetic beads necklaces. Customers can avail these jewelleries for a very exclusive price made just for them.