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Moissanite Beads: The Unrivaled Meteor-Made Necklace

Coming directly from a meteor already set this semiprecious gemstone apart from any other stones. It is also one of the basis’ on why it has got a lot of attention.

Moissanite primarily located in Arizona in the year 1893 by Henri Moissan he is a French scientist that later won a prize in the Noble Prize event. Moissan, the scientist immediately inspected the meteor when he later found the microcrystalline parts of the stone. He thought that it was a Diamond but he later determined that it was a different species. Since what he was able to found has no name, he named it after his surname which is Moissan and he has the rights to because he was the first one to see it.

Moissanite are hard to find since it came directly from a meteor. By far in the human existence, Moissanite are considered to be the rarest kind of gemstone, precious or semiprecious. This is the reason why Moissan created a sample of a gemstone (lab created) similar to Moissanite. It took him a lot of tries but he later on succeeds and since then Moissanite that are available in the market are all the synthetic.

Moissanite are known to be more brilliant than Diamond. This gemstone is also a superior gemstone when it comes to resisting heat.  Moissanites are much more durable than the precious stones Sapphire and Ruby. It has a Mohs number at 9.25 which is a breathtaking hardness for a semiprecious gemstone and also for a lab-created gemstone.

Moissanite has no conflicts as there is no need for miners to gather gemstones such as Moissanite. With an ensured source, Moissanites fan based will just grow bigger and bigger.

Moissanite is far less more valuable than a Diamond yet Moissanite makes the best alternative for Diamonds for all those consumers who wants to afford a beautiful gemstone that resembles diamonds perfectly. Moissanite’s beauty will last forever as well as its fire and luster, making it a truly incredible value for a gemstone