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Bloodstone Beads: The Electrifying Necklace

Bloodstone is a dark green tone diversification of chalcedony embellished with a drench of vivid red. For around 200 years ago, it has become widely popular. European authors mentioned another name for Bloodstone to as heliotrope.

Bloodstone is cryptocrystalline quartz because it is part of the clan of Chalcedony. Speaking of its durability, it comes with a Mohs scale of hardness that ranges from 6.5 to 7 millimeters. The factors that produces the green parts on the gemstone is consisting of chlorite, amphibole and pyroxene while the splash of blood like red are made out of iron oxide.

Bloodstone is one of the gemstones that has a very unique and rare pattern. It was also given the divine moniker which is the Blood of Jesus Christ, as they believe that bloodstone was made from the blood of Christ when he was being crucifix on the cross. Most Bloodstone variety can be considered as Fancy Jasper

Most Bloodstone in the market today is gathered and cut directly from India. Other places such as Australia, Brazil, China, and Madagascar are also minor sources of the said semiprecious stone.

Indian people had been using Bloodstone for medical purposes.  Those with the finest colors are crushed and ground in order to be powdered and used as an aphrodisiac. Because of this medical use, Bloodstone in the market with the said quality are low in numbers. The ground Bloodstone is much expensive than the original gemstone in the market.

Bloodstone is known for its power to stop the blood from losing, little did they know that this magical stone can also stop the inflammation to any parts of the body.

Many have believed that Bloodstone is among the powerful gemstone over the century and is something that must not be underestimated. With this credence, it is just right to get a strand of bloodstone in order to protect oneself from all danger and accidents that may cause blood loss. In short, Bloodstone can make anyone safe once worn as any kind of jewellery.