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Alexandrite Beads: The Must Gain Necklace

Alexandrite is unique in that it only forms when specific minerals and substances are merged. In order for alexandrite to form in nature on its own, chromium, a very rare element, that also made Alexandrite among the rarest and hard to gather gemstones in the whole wide world. Alexandrite on jewelry is not easy to come by, making these gems very valuable and rare as mentioned above. Here with us, we are trying to add more collection for our lovesome consumers. Clients will be able to catch some selection of tremendous looking Alexandrite in the formation of beads necklaces. This collection will help and allow them to visualize our clients with what Alexandrite exactly look and familiarize them with this dazzling yet overlooked gemstone.

When it comes to toughness, Alexandrites are accountable emerging with a Mohs scale of hardness that ranges from 8.5 millimeters. Alexandrite is among the gemstone that has the ability to change colors. The change of colors happens depending on the natural and artificial light.

 Alexandrite beads necklaces comes in variation of colors:

  • Brownish
  • Grayish-Green
  • Yellowish
  • Brownish-red
  • Orangish

Not only can Alexandrite change colors but is also happens to have the phenomenon cat eye effect. This so-called phenomenon happens when a white line flickers down the middle part of the gemstone and moves throughout as the stone moves under a light source.

Alexandrite gemstones was first located by the man named Nils Gulaf Nordenskiöld, this French man actually thought that what he was able to discover was an Emerald. It was named after the late Russian Czar Alexander II. The stone obtained the honor after the late man was assassinated.

It was also known as the stone perfect for Friday, as it has the nickname the Friday’s child. Alexandrite are often cut into shapes such as cushion and round as they tend to showcase the exquisiteness of the stone much more.

A stone made into beads necklaces affordable here with us where clients can enjoy the wholesale price that they cannot see with other competitions. Grab a beads necklace of yours now!