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Turquoise Beads: The A’ La Mode Necklace

Turquoise is naturally a sky-blue or green semitransparent to nontransparent gemstone. Turquoise is such a modern and fashionable name for a stone and this term was translated from a French word, “turqueise”, that means “Turkish stone”. Turquoise was first imported to Europe by a Turkish nation.

The color Turquoise also resembles its name Turquoise and it is the first time and the only stone to get a name after its color.

Turquoise can only be found in dry and barren regions. Turquoise comes with a spiderweb of veins. The color of Turquoise gemstones is courtesy of copper. Copper causes hues of Turquoise that are mostly vivid blue and green in gems.

Gemstone experts and collectors as well as buyers often based on Turquoise level of color, texture, and the absence of matrix.

Iran (Persia) is the main producer of Turquoise for over centuries now. Persian Turquoise referred to the Turquoise that does not have the black or brown veining.

A lot of semiprecious stones are used to imitate the beauty and look of a Turquoise. The likes of Chrysocolla and Howlite are just few of the examples. Regardless of the imitation there is no doubt that Turquoise still is unbeatable and will remain calm and original.

Turquoise is dyed most of the times and is stabilized with resins to create a harder stone which maintains its color and polish. It comes with a hardness of five to six millimeters that is why it should be cared very strictly otherwise the latter will be easily broken.

Turquoise is a kind of gemstone that can invite money, success and love into one person’s life. A complete package that customers can have in just a very reasonable price.