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tiger's eye

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 Tiger’s Eye Beads: The Vicious Yet Beautiful Necklace

Considered to be as one of the most budget friendly kind of gemstone, Tiger’s Eye is an exceptional gemstone with an eye of a tiger presence. The name came directly from its similarity the animal’s eye and Tiger’s Eye have one of the most creative and decorative look out of all semiprecious stones.

A variety of quartz comes with a chatoyancy, this is the result of needle-like shape additions that are coordinated in a way that they create a straight line at the center of the stone thus giving an appearance of an eye.

Tiger’s Eye is such a protective stone, that is why wearing beads necklaces made from authentic Tiger’s Eye would feel really secured and guarded. The observant eye auras of this gem have been used for so many years, majorly in the form of ornaments and jewelleries.

Every body knows that what a Tiger wants, the Tiger gets and it’s the same when it comes to Tiger’s Eye gemstones it can help its wearer concentrate on a certain thing he/she truly wants or desire the most. Tiger’s Eye and Feng Shui are very well connected as it can help for protection and clearing properties. Feng Shui related items are highly designed with Tiger’s Eye, it can often be seen as wind chimes and Feng Shui carvings and balls. Tiger’s Eye is also profitable with all of its healing powers. It is considered to toughen the spine and bones. It can also help digest food and treat those with stomach disorders.

Tiger’s Eye as mentioned before is very affordable and it holds a Mohs scale 7 millimeters in hardness. Tiger’s Eye usually is rich in gold color with stripes of brown and owns a natural glow.

Grab a pair or one of these elegant and fabulous Tiger’s Eye beads necklace for a price that will not be matched by anything or anyone. These stones are picturesque and is something that should always be appreciated and be thankful for.