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Sunstone Beads: The Necklace that Shines Perfectly

 An interesting variety of feldspar is the Sunstone that is well shaped and well equipped with a scintillating a glittery appearance.  Sunstones are typically a glazing orange or reddish color. The said glitter effect is caused by Hematite (or sometimes Goethite or Pyrite). This happening has a term called aventurescence that only gemstones like Sunstone can emit. Sunstone can occasionally be called Aventurine Feldspar. The glitter effect on Sunstone is commonly red, orange, or golden yellow. The shade of glitter may sometimes be blue or green but it is considered to be rare.

Few Sunstone are witnessed to have the four rayed stars, this type of Sunstone is known as Star Sunstone. It can also display a cat’s eye effect sometimes. Sunstones are never treated nor enhanced it has this blazing fire orange to gold hue since it was gathered from the mines.

Sunstone resembles the energy of Ra, a sun God. It is the stone of leadership too and displays the power of personal power, freedom, and expanded consciousness perfectly. It also known to be the stone for joy, which means it brings nothing but pure happiness and greatness to its owner.

Sunstone and the sun are very alike for giving warmth to those who are in need. It can also heal stomach tensions and ulcers. It can lift depressions and dismantle all the bad energy from a person’s body. It is very helpful for chasing away nightmares.

 Since the ancient times, Sunstone is a valuable gemstone that was used for rheumatism, cartilage problems and generic pains and aches, in short it is a very effective pain reliever.

Wearing a Sunstone would definitely a refreshing and soothing helping hand as it can do such wondrous numbers of things. Wearing Sunstone especially a beads necklace one would make a trendy and modern look. Come and be a trendsetter with our collection of noteworthy Sunstone beads necklace