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Lapis Lazuli Beads: The Royalty Like Necklace

Lapis or Lapis Lazuli is a deep blue colored semiprecious gemstone. It is very consistent when it comes to appealing the minds of everyone who is going to take a glimpse of it. Because of the color’s intensity since the ancient times, Lapis Lazuli had become a very valuable and costly gemstone.

Respectable and inspiring people such as royals, monarch and spiritualists had become in love with this stone. Most people always demand jewellery in silver option with Lapis Lazuli embossed or embedded in it. The great epitome of grandeur and royalty, its deep blue had been a favorite all over the world!

A very well-liked gemstone not just for its beauty but also for being associated with Feng Shui. Its named was taken from a Latin and Arabic words, Lapis (stone) and Azul (Blue) hence the name itself describe the look of the gemstone.

Most Lapis can be collected from the likes of Italy, USA, Afghanistan, and Chile. Lapis Lazuli is majorly composed of lazurite, silicate, sodalite, calcite, pyrite, and other more different elements. The value of a Lapis will be relied on the stone’s color. The more present the calcite is the less value it is becoming.

Lapis lazuli was considered as an aphrodisiac in ancient Rome. On the other hand, Egypt and Babylonia it was used as a cure for some specific recurrent fever and desolation. Lapis lazuli is one of the oldest stones known for its spiritual qualities. Moreover, even many civilizations believe that the biblical sapphire was actually lapis lazuli (they may be talking about the Blue variety of Sapphire).

Most of our Lapis Lazuli beads necklaces are equipped with the most requested silver and they sure look good with each other. Each of our necklaces are attained with various and original designs best made for our clients. Every bead has the potential to satisfy the minds of our consumer and each are accompanied by prices no one should ever miss!