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Kingly Kyanite

Looking for a beads with a magnificent vibes that will look beautiful when added in your collection of gems and jewelleries?

Semipreciousking.com presents you a Kyanite that is an ideal beads for self-adornment. A sparkly and radiantly beautiful beads indeed famous for it's uniqueness.Each Kyanite that we offer has a very satisfying quality with its very reasonable price that you will  gladly love. We promised you that all our items are not regrettable because all of our available products underwent through strict inspections, and all selection has been picked very well to make sure our clients will get a deserving quality for a product.You can check out all the available stocks of our beautiful collection of the Kingly Kyanite.

Facts and History

Is your zodiac sign, a Taurus? If that is the case then Kyanite is the one for you. This one is highly associated with the Root and Heart chakra. Whenever you are in any kind of communication between a disharmonious people you should bring or wear this kind of beads with you, it is best used for negotiations and diplomatic missions. This kingly kyanite is the birth stone for the ones who were born in the months of April and May. This one comes with a scale of hardness between 4.5 to 7 millimeters. It comes with wonderful colors as well such as blue,white,gray,pink,yellow and orange. In addition to it's brilliant colors are the countries where it's discovered. It was all gathered from the beautiful mines of Austria,Bruma,Cambodia,Brazil,Kenya,Myanmar,India ,Tanzania and many more.

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