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Hematite Beads: The Necklace that can Improve a Person’s Magnetism

Hematite is a red oxide of iron, like iron rust. It has name that was derived from the Greek word that transcends into the meaning of blood. Because of this it is often called as Bloodstone. There are times that a gemstone is layered in appearance similar to a petal of a flower, and they call it “Iron Rose”.

Years have passed and Hematite has been a convenient gemstone ever since. Shiny hematite is naturally used for mirrors especially with its reflective effects. Between the time 2500 BC and 500 BC, it was used for making cylindrical seals.

It was also used by various artists as a pigment or for polishing purposes. Prehistoric man thought to crush handful of Hematite stones and used them for cave paintings. Egyptians made it as a decoration for tombs. Native Americans have also used it but this time for war paint purpose.

Today it is still used as a pigment and as well as a metal polisher in its powdered form and it is called ‘jeweler’s rouge.’

Hematite is an unlit, blackish gray that is usually opaque. It possesses a supreme level of brilliance. Hematite comes with a Mohs scale of hardness that ranks 6.5 millimeters. Hematite is very popular for jewellery but it is indeed highly prized for its density and value.

Hematite can also be located in the planet of Mars and is the one responsible for the hot red color of the said planet.

Hematite is the postulate ore of iron, all the huge numbers of Hematite that are gathered are mined throughout the world and is used for industrial purposes.

Semipreciousking.com offers an array of Hematite beads necklace that differs mainly on their shapes and cuts and as well as designs and shades of color. For a very reasonable price, customers can help benefit from this spectacular gemstone.