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Glaring Amber

Great Reasonable Price at it's Natural Best Quality

Here at semipreciousking.com we offer every possible kinds of gemstones and jewelleries in a very reasonable price that comes with a quality that you will never regret. And that is the same way goes for all these glaring Amber beads. Here, we are going to help you find the most desirable piece of Amber by properly organizing each beads. Every single one of these gemstones has their own corresponding sizes,cuts,shapes, and designs. We made sure that we gathered every available color possible. You can see all the available stock of our amazing collection of Amber beads. You can also check out all our products by simply browsing through our whole website.

Facts and History

There is a lot to know about this glaring Amber. It's Chakras are greatly associated with Sacral and Solar Plexus, which means this beads will help you in finding a great solution to most of your problems. It is definitely perfect for all of you who has a Birth Stone of April and May.People who was born with Taurus as their zodiac sign may benefit a lot from this awesome kind of beads. It has a scale of hardness that ranges from 2.5 to 3 millimeters. In terms of colors, your eyes will be pleased by how many kinds of hues it has, it can come with green,red,blue,yellow,brown and orange.  All these elegant chunks of art were discovered and gathered from the beautiful mines of Baltic Sea or the Dominican Republic. This one is also known when it comes to easing stress and depression.It has also the prowess to make your decision making and critical thinking skills improve.

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