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yellow sapphire

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Yellow Sapphire Beads: The Lively and Vivid Necklace

All the Yellow Sapphire Beads Necklaces here in the semipreciousking.com are available in a number of shapes. It comes with another nickname “Pukhraj” that it seems to came from an Indian word.

It belongs to the group of the corundum family. Yellow Sapphire is not the only color that Sapphire can show. It also appears in lots of varieties such as Blue, Pink, Purple, Black and many more. Red corundum was given a name and that name is Ruby which is also one of the main Precious gemstones.

The second durable gemstone in the world is considered to be Sapphire, whatever the color is Sapphire is truly dependable when it comes to being strong and tough.

The places that are accountable of producing such elegant kinds of Yellow Sapphire are countries like India, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Madagascar. Today, Ceylon mines from the country of Sri Lanka is known to be the top promotes and producer of the said stone.

When it comes to pricing, resellers and manufacturers tends to depend on the color of a certain Yellow Sapphire.

Yellow Sapphires are highly connected with the planet Jupiter, making it a very powerful and helpful gemstone. Unlike most of the gemstones, Yellow Sapphire is something that can be worn by anyone without getting any kind of side effects. The planet Jupiter is the significant connector for Yellow Sapphire that resembles and symbolizes education, career, marriage and children. With that fact being said, it is just right for the buyers to utilized this kind of power from the shimmering Yellow Sapphire.


According to what we mentioned above, we offer Pukhraj with various type of shapes. It is the same that goes for its cut and design. Each one are perfect to be desired and is something is very easy to notice. Wear this kind of beads necklace and be the center of attraction in an instant!